Optimization of traffic distribution between parallel transport interfaces

OData support
Moldován István
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Rapid evolution of the newest mobile phone networks gives serious requirements for the operators. The amount of user data increases quickly, and besides capacity, the high quality of service should be kept as well. Increasing capacity and reducing operation expenses are supported by adaptive technologies, which help satisfying the needs with lower budget. Such methods are implemented by self-organizing network architectures. This approach offers many new functions and optimization possibilities.

One of the critical parts of the system is the transport network, which forwards user and control data between the endpoints of the network. Self-organizing methods can be used in the transport. Optimal distribution of the high traffic on parallel interfaces during different traffic situations is one of the problematic parts of the transport. In my thesis work, I am investigating optimization algorithms, described as linear programming problems to solve the question of optimal traffic distribution. I will test a well-defined algorithm, which would be able to distribute traffic in a way, which would respond well in various traffic situations in common network architecture.


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