Parallel implementation of route planning in graphs

OData support
Dr. Dudás Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Recently, the computing power of computers started in a fast paced growth, thanks to the development of multi-core and multi-processor systems. However, the previously used programming and software development methods are not suitable to exploit these systems’ latent powers. The former, usually known as sequential programs are unable to exploit the potential of multi-core architectures. So their place is taken over by the so-called parallel, also known as multi-threaded applications.

In my thesis , I would like to show the performance gains that can be obtained by parallel programming tehcniques and the available tools for this purpose. For this reason to present these gains, I chose the field of route planning as the topic of my study, because nowadays most of us have a smart phone in our pockets so we can get in touch with applications that use some kind of path finding in our everyday life.

My goal is to create an application, which can illustarte the different route planning graph algorithms – both sequential and parallel implementations – provided execution times. In this study I attempt to implement the selected algorithms and optimize them, then I will do measurements using various graphs from different size, density, randomly generated and which are modeling reality.


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