Parking administration system for the iOS platform

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

GE Hungary employees realized that their parking spaces are used unoptimally. They could vastly improve their cost structure with a solution which optimizes their parking space needs. Since presumably all of their workers own a mobile device, they would like to implement a solution on the most popular platforms. Nowadays data connection is also a default in these devices, so we can develop a solution which includes real time information access, which is critical in this situation.

The main reason for the suboptimal usage of their parking spaces is that people are not using their places regularly, even though they are assigned one permanently. This could happen for not going to work (e.g. for health reasons, or being on vacation), or the employee is just simply working offsite. So we can see that a static assignment of parking places barely covers everyday usage.

We designed an application for GE Hungary which can help users on an average workday, and also motivates them to keep using the software. We have to pay detailed attention to the users habits, because the product will be used only for short intervals, where users should not face frustrating situations.

In the following I will present the user and technological aspects of the engineering process of the product. I will also cover the implementation, and describe the end product. The documented steps helped me to develop an iOS application, which will hopefully help a daily routine become easier and economically more optimal.


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