Developing and testing an Android application for optimal utilization of parking garages

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays almost every company has rented parking places or a complete parking garage reserved for its workers to facilitate their days. Due to the lack of administration or the wrong administration, problems arise every few days. The difference of the vehicles and the unauthorized parking place users encumber the maintainability of the system. My task will be to create a client application on Android platform. By means of this application as a part of the system, users will be able to use the services provided by the system according to their role.

In my thesis I will firstly give a brief explanation of all the knowledge and subjects, which are necessary if we would like to create a high-quality application to Android platform. I will review the MVP architecture and present the usage of it with a practical example. Additionally, I will analyze some Analytics solutions considering the prospects to the given platform. As a part of the used technologies, the dependency injection will also be presented with a practical example.

After that, I will specify the implemented components with emphasized parts of the code, explanations, screenshots and some diagrams to demonstrate the functioning. Finally, I will explain the significance of UI and Unit tests. I will also present how to create the mentioned tests, which are useful for us to prove the proper functioning of some parts of the application. At the end of my thesis, the opportunities to develop the system will be mentioned too.


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