Examining of Passive Intermodulation at High Freq. applications for various parameters

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Dr. Berényi Richárd
Department of Electronics Technology

Modern micro- and radio wave technology is an exciting and dynamically developing

industry, largely due to the advancements in electronics and the increasing expectations for

audio, video and data transmission. The problem of passive intermodulation (PIM),

interference in passive components, has been a growing problem for the industry. Although a

long well-known phenomenon, PIM was largely irrelevant until the widespread use of mobile

phones. Tackling the abovementioned problem is a difficult task; absolute prevention is

almost impossible. My thesis analyses the effect of various technological parameters on Passiv Intermodulation.

I designed a simple, 50 Ohm Microstrip line, manufactured with various PCB’s (special teflon base, high frequency PCB-'s) and surface treatments (Immersion Silver, Galvanic Tin), and measured PIM using different settings. Using the collected data, I made several recommendations on minimalising PIM in the future, and so to increase the reliability of the manufactured systems.


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