The Simulation of Passive and Active Houses

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Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Recent years have brought passive and active houses into our lives and a new opportunity in the field of architecture and is considered a top topic in the fields of eletric and building engineering. In my three previous essays I examined these types of buildings and how they can be attached to the communal power distribution system. My job was to simulate a building of this type. Or should I say buildings because I examined multiple building types. I have made a list of the power loads in each house and a power estimation (which consists of estimating how much power does the house consume and how much power do the solar cells produce), built the network (picking the solar cells and an inverter) and then, after a calculation, give an opinion about the chosen setup whether it’s worth it or not. If not then I had to search for the best possible option available. Of course this type of system has its price, so when evaluating a configuration I have taken that into account as well by making a price analysis of the given configuration.


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