Application providing p2p based secure communication

OData support
Gódor Győző
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The security of online communication is key to every state, financial or market participant. First, unauthorized people may acquire sensitive data, which can cause high financial damage or market drawback, then again trust can waver in the state or economic organisation, which can be remedied by pecuniary investment in the long run only. That's why inconvenient security measures are a huge risk for companies.

In the past few years a new demand showed up in the circle of community users: people started to fear for their private life, personal data, thus security weighs much choosing an application or a service.

My tasks include developing a peer-to-peer application with end-to-end encryption, which users can chat, make voice and video calls, send files and log messages with. Furthermore, I traverse the scientific literature for the solutions I can make communication secure in my application with and I can satisfy the modern security expectations with, especially making the application resistant against attacks against managed languages.


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