Investigation of a peer-to-peer streaming application in PlanetLab environment

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Dr. Simon Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The topic of the Thesis is the investigations of a peer-to-peer (p2p) streaming application in the PlanetLab network. It introduces the details of the p2p technology and the structure of the network. The streaming applications over the Internet are quite popular nowadays and there are more solutions do exists. I will introduce the Adobe Flash, HTML5 and the aforementioned p2p technologies, focusing on their advantages, disadvantages.

I will present several streaming applications, with a special focus on PPLIVE, SopCast, TVU Networks and TVAnts, and I will discuss their main features.

The measurement environment is provided by PlanetLab. The structure and the usage of the software are introduced, as well as, the description of the measurement setups. These include creation of a private slice and adding the individual nodes. Nodes are managed by Linux Fedora virtual operating system. Security connections are established with the nodes via the mentioned system. I installed to each node a streaming application. During the measurements I have requested data from the network which was logged by a network analyzer.

One of my investigation targets was to discover the proper network topology among the members of a p2p streaming network spread around the world. I have used several multimedia contents for the measurements. .The results were according to the expectations (i.e., peers behaviour in the p2p mesh) in both cases.

Another target of mine was to observe how a p2p network with a small number of peers responses to an unexpected event. I have used previous measurement results which were logged in a different environment (local network). I have documented some unexpected results and I tried to explain the reason behind it.


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