Implementation of a money circulation process implementation using IBM technologies

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The subject of this thesis is the realization of a money circulation process based on the requirements of an existing and operational enterprise system. Prior to implementing the solution to my assignment, I thoroughly studied the concepts and theory of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) along with the general criteria of large scale enterprise architectures. I familiarized myself with one of IBM’s ESB implementations, Websphere Message Broker, and its process management software, Business Process Manager.

According to the requirements I designed the subsystems that realize the business process and defined the relationships and interfaces between the separate components. During the planning and implementation phases I put a lot of effort into conforming to those guidelines, therefore the primary concerns in this solution were reusability, simple integration into an existing IT infrastructure, and loose coupling between software components.

I implemented the message flow applications responsible for routing the transaction in Message Broker taking into consideration the requirements laid down by conditions of existing business processes. In IBM BPM I constructed the workflows that require human interaction during the processing of the transaction and designed the user interfaces for the participants to use. Finally I integrated an external LDAP repository into the system for user authentication purposes.

I tested each of the relized components one by one and integrated with other subsystems thoroughly.

In the following pages after a brief theoretical summary of the attained general knowledge, I present the most important features and attributes of the products used, and the realized system components individually, discussing the details of implementation.


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