Implementing of financial and customer data management processes in IBM-WebSphere environment

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays it's very important that we can manage our businesses on the internet,

which don't require personal presence. Talk about online shopping or using financial

services. At large companies using this kind of technologies is essential, becasus these

firms wants to maximize their effectiveness and it requires appropriate communication

and fast serve of needs. The process automation and integration systems helps to solve

these problems.

In my work I implemented processes handling financial and client based datas.

The system communicates with web surface, and the users can retrieve or insert datas to

the database based on their rights. The datas can arrive from multiple sources, such as

other databases, FTP or local file system.

I studied the required technologies and developer tools especially the IBM

Integration Bus which is used for integrating solutions. In the documentation I give

detailed information about the design, the phases of the implementation and the testing

of the system, because it's also an essential part of the developing process.

As result I managed to realize the planned system and I hope I can utilize the

valuable experiences gathered during my work.


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