Development of a data service solution based on data reported by financial entities in .NET environment

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The ongoing supervision of financial situations requires a wider range of reporting obligation. The appearance of data requirements at European level entailed a new financial reporting standard, the XBRL. With the help of the XBRL standard, financial data can be reported by data providers along the lines of uniform terms.

To meet the reporting obligations towards the European authorities, systems need to transmit the provided the expected data services to them and receive the feedback from the European authorities’ audits. In the thesis, I introduce the system I have prepared, from the first specifications, through the design till the concrete implementation. In the theoretical section, I present the verified standard of the reports, the XBRL, furthermore, I detail the technologies provided by the .NET framework used to implement the application and provide an overview of the test method used to verify the system’s functioning properly.

With the help of my solution, the data service can easily transmit financial reports to the European authorities and keep track of stock statuses in the controlling process. The implemented application can also be used to fulfill other similar reporting requirements, while the applied technologies and interface solutions provide a good starting point for establishing relationships between other systems.


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