Financial Advisor Portal Design and Development

OData support
Dr. Maliosz Markosz
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

One of the most common problems of young people, who are at the beginning of their professional career, is that they have to manage their finances completely on their own for the first time. As I experienced myself, this is not always easy to handle.

There are various apps and portals on the market, that try to offer help and solutions for people in this kind of situations, but unfortunately none of them matched my personal needs.

That was, when the idea of developing the portal described in my diploma thesis. With the help of this portal, users can track, what exactly they spend their money on and how much they have saved, and based on this information possibly think-through and maybe even lower their spendings.

In the thesis, I present a portal and an app that were developed with similar objectives, as well as the database structure and the different functions of the portal I developed. Furthermore, I elaborate how exactly these functions work and how future plans and possibilities could look like.

For the development and implemntation of the thesis I acquired deeper knowledges of the object-orientated use of PHP, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript and jQuery.


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