Implementing Java EE Application to help creating new financial products

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In secondary and tertiary sectors complex development processes results the new products. These processes consist of many phases. In every phases new informations, documentations and analyzes added to the product candidates. At the end of the process these product candidates become final products.

During the development several people may work on a product candidate. For this reason it is important that all the documents and information be structured and available in one place. There may be issues where we have to view people’s opinions. The participants of the development would like to communicate with each other and share their ideas. It is also practical to do these in a central place where everybody can read every opinions, ideas and each event can be traced.

In my thesis I review and present a new product development process. Then I provide a solution to supply this process with centralizing and structuring product candidate’s informations, resolving disputes, creating business models for strategy and product portfolio. I developed both frontend and backend in Danubius Informatika’s Termékkönyv application.

After the planning and developing chapters I show the implemented results operability with an example.


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