Modeling and Implementing Financial Planning Processes on SAP Business Intelligence Platform

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Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays informatics is a supporting tool for companies to reach their business goals. Despite this they still have not broken away from the usual planning methodologies. This is the reason why the topic of my first chapter is about the theory of financial and business planning. Besides this I tried to introduce the basic planning methodologies used by wide-range of corporations.

SAP AG is a company that provides informatics solutions for large- and medium-sized companies. They have several solutions that are capable for financial planning, so in the second chapter of the thesis I introduce the main differences between the ERP and Business Intelligence solutions in the area of financial planning.

In the fourth chapter my intention was to highlight the disadvantages of using the well-known spreadsheet applications against SAP Business Intelligence solutions that provides an integrated environment for the planning professionals.

After I acquired the theory of financial planning I could make the blueprint of an SAP BI solution that contains applications covering all the processes related to the corporate financial planning. I used the former planning applications (Excel workbooks) as a reference to build the new one in integrated environment.

The last, and at the same time most important chapter of my master thesis is the implementation, that based on the blueprint created in the first semester. The first planning application I carried out was the Forecast solution which was the most time-consuming part of the implementation process.

After the realization of the Forecast application I could go on with the implementation by creating the Contribution Planning application which makes the business user enable to carrying out the planning of margins. In the last phase of the realization process I implemented two solutions that meant the Balance Sheet and P&L statement planning applications.

Despite the Business Intelligence solutions that I have implemented are ready for productive usage, I have some improvement tips. For example the usage of the newest reporting tool called BusinessObjects Analysis for planning purposes or at balance sheet and P&L planning applications state a fact column of last year for reference.


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