Building a financial transaction registry application for Windows

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Recently, one of the most dynamic part of the market is the market of smart phones. Nowadays almost everybody can afford one of these devices, the fact, that almost two billion smart phones are operating worldwide, confirms it. Lots of applications can be reached from these phones. These could be games, educational applications, applications of news sites, various business apps or applications, which functions as supplementary apps. Their goal is entertaining and/or making our everyday life easier.

The application which I chose to be the topic of my thesis, serves as a supplementary app. I selected Windows 8.1 as target platform for two reasons. First, because there isn’t any useful application in the store, which keeps track of the user’s payments. On the other hand I dealt with this platform during my Project Laboratory. Besides, the new structure of Windows 8.1, which allows developers to develop universal applications faster, also played a part in my decision. The goal was to make a universal application, which can keep track of the user’s everyday financial transactions, provide feedback, and help him optimizing his payments. The application also needed a server to be created. Because I had no experience in it, I used the Django framework, which can be learned and used easily.

In the first part of the thesis I present the history of the platform in details, and describe the development environment. After these comes the client-server communication. In the second half of the thesis I describe the structure of the backend and I present the application. At the I give some ideas about further development and I my thesis with the conclusion of my work.


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