Checking Calculation of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Hydrogenerator

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Dr. Györe Attila
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The subject of my thesis is the control analysis of a permanent magnet synchronous hydro generator with 530kVA rating and 3.3kV nominal voltage. In the course of the control analysis I analysed the magnetic and electrical properties of the synchronous machine in different operational states based on the nominal electrical, geometrical and other design parameters.

I used the Mathcad and FEMM applications for the analysis. I created a Mathcad calculation worksheet for the analytical calculations. However the analytical calculation of some values is extraordinary difficult or imprecise, hence I used finite element analysis for these values with the help of the FEMM.

One major part of my work was to examine three potential constructions for the rotor of the generator. I compared the different constructions on the basis of the ratio of the main flux and the built-in magnet amount, and the harmonic distortion of the pole-voltage, which is induced in the stator conductors by the rotor poles.

In my thesis, I present the most important electrical and geometrical parameters of the generator, the different rotor pole constructions and their comparison. Furthermore I described those calculations and design methods, that can be used to determine the proper design of the stator winding, the winding factors, the pole-voltage, the equivalent circuit, the phasor diagrams and the specific characteristics of the synchronous generator. In the course of my calculations, I analysed the electrical and magnetic properties of the generator in no-load, short circuit, fully resistive, cosφ=0.8 inductive and capacitive load.


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