Petri net-based passenger flow modeling

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Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Increasing air traffic has caused a major rise of passenger flow at airport terminals, making safe and comfortable passenger handling a difficult task. The aim of this Thesis was to design and implement a Petri-net based framework for passenger flow simulation. Appropriate simulation results allow monitoring of waiting times and revealing bottlenecks of the passenger flow, and therefore help in optimizing passenger handling at airport terminals.

The first part of the Thesis summarizes the theoretical basis of stochastic, coloured and queuing Petri nets. An XML-based formalism for the definition of models and elements of the model library is introduced, as well as the structure, principles and functions of the developed Matlab toolbox.

The second part gives Petri-net models and parameters of basic building blocks of a passenger terminal (e.g. check-in counter, security screening) contained in the model library. Based on these blocks, the procedure of modelling and simulating the passenger flow of a whole terminal is presented in details.


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