PHP, Java or C#? Witch one is better to develop a server side web application?

OData support
Pálfy Miklós Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The advancement of the Internet and it’s related techologies obviously have an effect on our lifestyles. Due to easy usage, availability and an infinitely wide array of services we have the option of conducting most of our business online. For this purpose we use web applications, which have integrated into our daily lives. Thus, this project closely relates to one of the most important topics of our time by developing a service to which we have some very popular alternatives currently available. Most of our time on the Internet is spent on these websites.

The goal of my thesis is to implement and compare a webshop service dedicated to computer related products using the programming languages C#, Java and PHP. With this web application registered users can buy the items available in the shop. In addition to the functionality available to the customer, an administration interface will be created as well for the purpose of editing the contents of the store stock. The project also aims to replicate the workflow of an average webshop, as in registering a new user, adding products to the shopping cart and entering delivery details to finish the ordering process.

During my work on the project I will specify the points used to compare the programming languages and elaborate after the implementation phase. After this I will give an answer to the question of choosing between the programming languages mentioned above to use for server side web development.


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