Picoblaze Debugger

OData support
Lazányi János Gyula
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The turnout of the FPGA technology opened the door to many options in the designing of digital circuits. Over the logical circuits, with the growing of speed and resource there are many opportunities of implementing multiple systems, even microprocessors, on reconfigurable tools. Therefore appeared on market the source codes in different hardware description languages of the well-known microprocessors, and new especially designed soft-core processors for FPGA cards. One representative of this group is the PicoBlaze 8 bit first level microprocessor made by Xilinx. It's software supporting is low, only one compiler program and a simulator are at our service to improve the source code. Although with these help it's not easy to simulate and to trace the exact behavior. Hardware debugger system was made for PicoBlaze processor to eliminate this problem. So in real time improving the assembly code can be more effective by mixing the real circuit working and the error-finding functions of the debugger systems.


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