Pilot - box communication for Formula Student project

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The BME Formula Racing Team, made up of the students of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, is competing in the Formula Student competition. The purpose of this series is to encourage the students to build the fastest racecar using their engineering knowledge.

The continuous development is inevitalbe for the success, which results in newer and newer challanges for the students. As the member of the team, I am responsible for realizing the communication between the pilot and the box.

For the successful accomplishment of my task it is inevitalbe to examine the used sollutions in the industry and to take into account our former developments. It is also very important to do this part well, as it is not time consuming, however it defines the whole outcome.

Depending on the chosen sollution I have to specify what I am willing to accomplish and create a system design, which could be used as a guideline during the processes.

The first step of the development of an embedded system is to design the hardware. I am supposed to chose the elements and then create the schematics and the PCB.

As the hardware is finished, it must be certified. For that computer based simulations and prototyping are used.

The other main part of the development is the software. Also in this case it is important to start with the system design and the subcomponents can be implemented just after that. As soon as the software is finished, I have a theoretically working module.

The last step of the development is to unite the hardware and the software and set up a practically working module.

This was the way of the processes I used during the semester. As a result I have successfully created a working embedded system.


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