Automatization of calibration of Pirani vacuum gauges

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Pirani vacuum gauges are widely applied devices in industrial use for measuring the pressure between 1000 to 1*10-3 mbar. These gauges are also used during the procedure of refrigerators’ energy efficiency class measurement. In case of fine technologies and/or quality assurance requirements regular calibration is needed. With the Oerlikon Leybold CS-3 calibration station the gauges are calibrated to a certified gauge. The automation of the procedure is of high importance as far as productivity and efficiency concerned.

The aim of my work is to develop a control software for the automation of vacuum gauges’ calibrating procedure. My thesis provides detailed documentation about the scientific background, the making process and the test results. During the developement process LabView 2011 was used.

The thesis includes the summary of basic vacuum technology, the analysis of energy efficiency classification and the electricity consumption of refrigerators. To get a clear view of the software’s operation, description of the hardware system design and the control software of the automation are described. It is also important to know how our software works during use, so the results of the test run and the test reports are also parts of the thesis.

This device can be potentially useful tool in increasing efficiency during the calibration procedure of the gauges.


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