Elaboration of a code-generator tool for a platform independent SOA modeling framework

OData support
László Zoltán Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The service oriented architecture (SOA) is a paradigm that formulates the basic principles of connecting heterogeneous IT systems. The technology of web services allows us to implement SOA in a standardized way. Most leading software vendors provide a tools supporting the development of web services. However the portability and interoperability of the created programs are questionable.

We have created a framework at the IIT department of BME that supports the platform independent description of web services and provides a way to describe more complex tasks, such as defining SAML based authorization rules. The framework also generates platform specific code for the most widespread tools of other vendors and also generates a standard description of the web services.

This thesis work aims to present this framework by providing a detailed description of the code generator and by presenting the extension to the framework that allows us to define authorization rules.


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