Development of a platform independent card game with REST webservice

OData support
Dr. Tóth Balázs György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Game development has been an area of interest for me since the first few days of university. For optional programming homeworks I mainly chose to do them in relation to a certain games development.

At my job I became familiar with web services which worked with REST. This sparked the idea to write a card game with both frontend and backend, which allows the game to be released on multiple platforms.

During the development I implemented the web service in Java using MySQL database server and the end product can be run on a Tomcat server.

For the client part of the project I used Unity game engine. Using this engine it was simple to create different versions of this application for different platforms, for example Windows or Android. During the process I did not use any platformspecific Unity device, which meant creating it for different platforms was rather simple.

At the end of the development I examined the load that the server is capable of holding and I came to the conclusion that one server is capable of serving several hundred clients. In case this is not enough, by adding more Tomcat servers the clients numbers can grow proportionally.

In today’s world, most smartphone and tablet users have access to mobile internet, which allows people to play with friends anytime, anywhere, assuming they have the required client program and internet access.


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