Development of a multiplatform client software for advanced revision control system

OData support
Dr. Timár András
Department of Electron Devices

Nowadays, satellite navigational systems are available worldwide, and take place in the everyday life for several users. In the transport industry, satellite tracking and routing guide is almost essential, and there are navigational systems in almost every car and smartphone. The design, development and maintenance of the software for these systems are complex engineering tasks, which require serious management and technological background.

So it is at NNG Kft., where they are developing the iGO navigational software for the most part of the world. There are hundreds of software engineers, working on millions lines of code, changing it several times a day. It this environment, software revision systems are essential.

My task was to develop an application, which extends the software revision control client to help the developers assembling informative commit message according to the company rules, and also checks the manually edited commit messages to be formally correct. To achieve this, I have made a study on the software development processes and the software development support tools used in the company. After that, I have made the application according to the requirements, and integrated it into the company’s software development tools.

In the introduction of this paper, I will give an overview of the history of software engineering, with particular emphasis on software development support management processes and software tools. In this part, I will discuss the special aspects of the development of navigational software too. After this, in the second chapter I will describe the software tools used during the application development. In the third part, I will describe the requirements for the application. In the fourth part, I will explain the critical aspects of the development. At the end, I will summarize the value of the application, and show some ways for the further development.


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