Platform independent mobile-application development framework realization in enterprise environment

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In this paper I demonstrate the designing and implementation of a framework that helps creating and managing mobile applications. The framework focuses mainly on the platform independent development of mobile applications. The goal with this framework is to reduce the time needed for implementing the same look and functions of an app for the desired platforms. With this framework you will only need to implement the user interface once and it will work on each platform.

My work consists of a server side PHP application for administrators, a mobile stub application for the Windows Phone platform and the communication between these two sides.

In the first chapter I write about the concepts and existing technologies for the communication channel and type for my framework that came up in the design phase.

After that I show what technology I chose for the looks of the client side apps and why.

The next chapter is still about the design phase. Here I demonstrate how I imagined the structure of the framework and how I wanted it to work. You can see here the elements of the framework and the communication channels between them. Also there is an UML sequence diagram about the starting and updating of the client side stub application.

In the following chapters I write about the implementation of the applications, first about the server side then the client side. I show the solution I found for the client side stub app that enables the usage of the phone's native functions from the HTML based user interface. I present the main classes and functions that build up the two sides of the framework.

At the end of the paper I talk about the results of my work and also about the possible ways of innovation.


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