Implementing a plugin based grammar checker framework

OData support
Benedek Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

As long as Google Translate—or any other machine translation tool—isn't able to translate long, complex texts without errors, we will need people who are able to translate texts from one language to another. Nowadays, these people use computers to do their job as well.

Applications called CAT (computer-aided translation) software are used by translators, and their goal is to facilitate language translation. memoQ—developed by Kilgray Translation Technologies—is one of the most popular CAT applications. It offers a wide range of tools that make the translation process easier and faster, e.g. the translation of an expression can be stored for later use.

Nowadays, most tools that we type text in are able to check the spelling of the words entered. memoQ contains this functionality as well. However, most applications don’t offer support for finding grammatical errors.

In my thesis, I created a plugin-based framework that enables integrating third-party grammar checker tools into memoQ. By using the framework, memoQ is able to look for grammatical errors in translations entered. In addition, I implemented a plugin that uses the grammar checker functionality of Microsoft Word. Finally, I made it possible to use spelling and grammar checking as a Quality Assurance tool.


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