Design and implementation of a plugin updater service using Microsoft technologies

OData support
Dr. Vörös András
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

As the information technology (IT) sector and software solutions are rapidly evolving, new software versions are released on a day-by-day basis. Having the latest versions and updates installed is a high priority, mostly due to security concerns and compatibility issues. Various automated update management applications have been created so far to aid software update. In my diploma work I implemented a software solution providing update functionality for a model verification framework developed at the Department of Measurement and Information Systems. As this framework has an extendable, modular structure, various functionalities are provided by stand-alone plug-in modules or by a combination of multiple modules. Handling and updating numerous plug-ins manually is inconvenient and time-consuming, this issue is addressed by my system.

In my diploma work I implemented an automated updater service based on Microsoft technologies, capable of centralised handling of both framework and functionality plug-in updates. The most important requirements to be met by my system were:

• simplified usage,

• search for updates and new modules, automated updates,

• software version control.

The structure of my diploma is the following: an overview of multiple existing solutions, and related technologies is given at the beginning. Then the most important system requirements are listed, which had to be taken into account during implementation. This is followed by the description of the development process, and an introduction of the designed and implemented software. The diploma concludes with a summary of the work performed.


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