Study of the controlling methods of pneumatic valves

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The PBS (Pneumatic Booster System) is a Knorr-Bremse patent. It is an alternative way of increasing energy efficiency of commercial vehicles. It can increase the torque at low engine speed, and reduce the fuel consumption and the carbon-dioxide emission of turbocharged diesel engines.

The goal of my diploma work is to activate, and implement a control algorithm for a new PBS concept. The goal of the proportional piston valve PBS is to make the system more efficient. This can be reached, by continuously controlling the injected air mass flow into the engine.

I my thesis I demonstrate the MicroAutoBox system. This real time device implements the control algorithms, and performs the data measurement. I also introduce the Matlab – Simulink model of the system. The purpose of the simulation is to test the control algorithms. The implemented control algorithm is based on sliding mode control. I validate the control algorithm on a test bench. I present the necessary changes in the design of the control, in order to correct operation with the real experience system. I provide an insight into the main steps of the vehicle connection process. I demonstrate the function ability of the PBS system in real-world conditions.

Last but not least I review the remaining problems of the system. The correction of these are necessary by all means during the further development of the module. If the development is successful, and the production costs of the new module are low, then the module gets into production.


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