Adaptive visualization of political data

OData support
Kazi Sándor Antal
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

One of the most significant aspects of our present is the tremendous amount of data we encounter every day. New data analytics companies appear every day seemingly from thin air, „Big Data” is a frequent word in our dictionary – a so called buzzword, one might say. We have arrived to such an age where not only data becomes available to everyone, but so the tools needed to analyze them. It seems obvious that in such an ideal situation we should get to know to the factors governing our lives somehow.

I chose political data analysis and visualization as my topic, because I believe that any decision should only be made when one understands every aspect of data available – and data visualization is an excellent method for supporting decisions.

During the course of the thesis, I’ll disclose the planning steps of building a data collection and sanitizing system, I will analyze the tools needed for the solution and present the possibly existing solutions for similar problems. I am going to build an end-to-end system, which will create a clustered, adaptive data visualization from scratch.

Finally, I will analyze my own solution, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses as well, and in the end I will draw up a course for improvement.


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