High precision positioning with a 2 dof mechanism

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The subject of my thesis is designing the position control of a robotic arm with two degrees of freedom. The design and testing of the controls were done in MATLAB Simulink environment. In my work I present the effectiveness of different control systems designed for the arm.

Firstly, I show the steps of identifying the robotic arm and the feedback controls designed for each arm segment. The PID controllers designed for each segment however did not prove to be suitable because of the overshoot in their response. To improve the precision and the transient behaviour I later also used a feedforward control. I explore the steps of path planning required for the feedforward control and compare the two control processes and their joint application.

Lastly I present the steps of solving the inverse geometric problem required for the direct control of the endpoint of the robotic arm. I compare the different mentioned control designs and show the precision of controlling the robotic arm directly with a gamepad.


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