ASP.NET MVC Portal Development

OData support
Kovács Ferenc
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays community pages have more and more users, and sites provide these users an even evolving functionality. Millions of Facebook groups prove that people demand the opportunity to create and join groups where they can meet and work together with people having common interest.

Employees and students of the BUTE Department of Automation and Applied Informatics have developed a software system named Knowledge Modeler and Data Miner (KMDM) framework - the next stage of the development is user testing, bugs in the software need to be reported to create faultless and useful software. A stable user basis is also needed to collect user needs and to promulgate the application for professionals.

To achieve this aim I created a community portal for professionals that let them report and track bugs, create own groups or join to others. These groups grant professionals opportunity to work together in various projects aim to achieve new results on the field of data mining and visualization. The portal let the users share files with their groups on a well-controlled way and download the others' shared files.

To achieve these goals I learned the features of the ASP.NET MVC 3 and 4 Framework and other cutting-edge technologies needed by employers nowadays (e.g. jQuery, Unit testing). Additionally I experienced working with different version control solutions and developing software in changing environment.


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