Controlling of a portalcrane with Schneider PLC

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Katona László Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Portal cranes play an important role in material and cargo handling in ports and also in the industry. Discharging of the cargoes arrive on board the vessels to the ports as well as loading of the cargoes from shore to ships are done by the assistance of portal cranes. The topic of my thesis is to work out the PLC control of the hoisting drive of such a portal crane. Basically the control of the hoisting drive means the control of a positioned motion by means of an incremental encoder. All tasks to be solved to control the hoisting drive are included and definite solutions are given in the thesis.

After a short preamble in chapter Designing, the crane to be controlled, the elements of the hoisting drive and the sensors required for the operation of the hoisting drives are introduced. Following the introduction, a control system is designed for the crane and the suitable PLC, the frequency converter and the HMI-controller are selected and packed in one system.

The title of the next chapter is Developing the Program. In this chapter the control program of the PLC for the hoisting drive is made, the frequency converter is programmed and a HMI-application is made for the control. Following these steps the tests are made to prove that the program is working satisfactory.

The last chapter of the thesis is named as Closing ideas. Here at first it is checked that a solution of a problem can be solved provided the entire PLC program is available. After that, the possibilities of developing of the ready job are analyzed.


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