Post-processing in computer graphics

OData support
Rajacsics Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This document aims to present the use of post-processing in modern computer graphics by describing some common effects and giving examples. It covers both real-time and non-real-time applications, the algorithmic difficulties it raises and several practical solutions.

The demo application was written by using two main technologies: DirectX 11.0 API (by Microsoft) and the XNA Framework. Detailed description of these two is part of the project. A project from a former course of 'Játékfejlesztés .NET platformon' was used as a base for the demo application.

I have chosen to implement the following seven effects: depth of field and motion blur, which are based on the blur effect, vignetting, depth fog, bloom effect and the increasingly popular toon shading. Besides describing the software developed by me I included a full documentation of the instrumentation and the possible improvements.

The document contains both a user guide and a developers' guide. I also attached the source code, since my project is completely open source and available to anyone interested.


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