Assessment of power to gas facilities in electricity and gas markets

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Sőrés Péter Márk
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The main article of my job was the assessment of the integrability of a power-to-gas facility into the electricity and natural gas markets of nowadays' and not-far future's Hungary. To make a strong foundation I made researches about the domestic markets of electricity and natural gas, with special focus on the common points of them.

The actuality of the problem what I researched is proofed by the fact of developing of the stochastic working renewable sources and the growth of problems what they generate in the grid of TSOs and DSOs, especially the problem of storage. Cause the European Union made the liberation of energy markets as a must-do fundamental for all the members, for us also, nowadays the survival of facilities and inventions in the energy sector is strongly based on their economical gumption, so these kinds of assessments are necessary too related to power-to-gas technology.

As the first step I conducted a research by reading the academic literature about the laws and working of electricity and natural gas markets and I made a short Matlab simulation based on that knowledge. Later, I read about the technology of power-to-gas and shortly about the technology and economic aspects of pumped-storage hydroelectricity. It made me able to compare these two ways of storage of electricity and make important conclusions to the end. As the last and biggest part of my work I made an economic model of power-to-gas facilities by Matlab and Excel. First of all, I created a formula called Clean Methanation Spread to make easier the calculations connected to power-to-gas. I calculated CMS with real and unreal but possible variables too. These results made the elementary foundation of my final calculations about the rates of return of these facilities.

As a conclusion of my research I have to say the power-to-gas technology is something with good chances in the future. However it is not profitable in these conditions of markets, there are so many possible ways how can little changes turn these projects' return absolutely positive. At last, but not least these ways show us some ways how can we continue this research.


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