Design and implementation of the PowerPack validation measurement system

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Kovács Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The steering of the vehicle is a safety-critical system. Therefore, testing it carefully is essential. The topic of this thesis is in connection with testing the control unit with the motor. Currently, a measurement system exists for testing that, but it is neither efficient nor fast enough. This thesis tries to find a solution for that. At first, I overview the story of power steering through history. Then I present the general structure of the power steering system. Great attention is paid to the relationship between the control unit and the motor.

After that, I present some of the currently used measurement systems, which I would like to replace. All the tests concerns on the proper co-operation between the control unit and the motor. A detailed analysis of these measurements performed.

I review the requirements for the new measurement system both software and hardware aspect. Then I present the design of the new measurement system, the main parts of the schematic design, and the printed circuit board design. After that I test the finished hardware, then present the firmware running on the microcontroller and the necessarily drivers.

In the last chapter, I rate the finished device and I mention a few future development possibilities.


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