Implementation of Powerline Communication Based on ST Microelectronic's Devices

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Kovács Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The thesis deals with power line protocols. It reviews and compares existing protocols. The author introduces the IHP003v1 hardware, manufactured by ST Microelectronic and presents the ST7540 power line transciever chip.

The second part of the thesis is about the protocol, which the author designed for the power line transciever. During the design of the protocol, the author takes into consideration the advantages and backdraws of the transciever. The designed protocol model will be compared to the OSI model.

Afterwards, the development of the simulation environment will be presented, showing the structure of the environment and the decisions for reaching the most realistic simulation.

At the end of the thesis, the measurement from the simulations will be introduced. The author brings in qaulity indicators, for rating the protocol functioning. Also, the author examines different parameters of the protocol and draws conclusions. The author also suggested future improments of the protocol.


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