Implementation possibilities of location information based predictive mobility management on Android systems

OData support
Dr. Bokor László
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Due to the development of the info-communication technology, nowadays the mobile devices offer more and more sophisticated services. Accordingly the users want to have permanent and safe service, independently from the changing geographical position. There is an increasing demand for the development of those real-time applications that support the optimal utilization of the resources, as well as increase the user experience.

The continuous service with low resource demand needs a new algorithms for the design and implementation of mobility management in the various platforms. These new methods are based on the exact geographical coordinates, because the effective handover can be realized on the appropriate forecast, considering these data and the previously prepared continuously upgraded knowledge base.

In the course of preparation of my thesis I did sweep literature research about mobility management and future opportunity of development.

During the semester I implemented an application for Android operating system, which may will be the first step of realization of predictive mobility management.

I developed two application. My first development is an Android application, which can change between 3G and WiFi networks with low resource. Second implementation can be considered as an extension of the first one, with the functions like record information,regarding the covered path (create heatmap), use SQLite databases, monitoring, determine information to predictive handover.


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