Location tracking system with mobile client support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the mobile market provides numerous platforms and devices. These devices are so multifunctional, that software developers get more opportunities in mobile science. Mobile devices are equipped with rich technologies, and these technologies give real power to the hand of developers. Two of these technologies are the global positioning system and the mobile internet access. These two technologies make developers able to produce a system where the mobile device is traceable, and can be instrumented with several functions as well. This is the purpose of this thesis.

In the first chapters, the thesis work introduces the applied platforms and technologies. It describes the history of the mobile phones, and reviews the two target platforms. One of these platforms is the Blackberry mobile platform, which is still popular and widely used in the United States. The other platform is an open source platform which is very attractive among developers nowadays, and this is the Android. The differences between these two mobile platforms are revealed during the development process.

The client application is capable of sending GPS coordinates to the server, attaching short messages to coordinates and making pictures with the camera function of the device and send it with the coordinates attached. With a server side application another user can trace the position of the device, can receive short messages and watch the uploaded photos.

The thesis describes the client and the server side implementation of the applications. The server side application is developed in Flash environment which is a great platform producing spectacular webpages. The coordinates are stored in a database which is connected to the Flash page via a PHP API.

At the end of the thesis the reader can find information about development experiences, and the working system is described.


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