Development of a preventive lightning protection system for works on transmission lines

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Dr. Kiss István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The aim of lightning protection is to protect an object from dangerous lightning strikes. The conventional lightning protection methods realize this by conducting the lightning current to the ground, but these methods are often neither cost effective or can’t even be realized. The preventive lightning protection solves this task by activating preventive actions with appropriate timing.

This is valid for the live line maintenance work of energized high voltage power lines as well. The past years’ technical and economic competition lead to the advancement of the live line maintenance works in several countries of Europe. This increased the demand for alternative lightning protection methods.

The topic of this paper is a preventive lightning protection system, optimized for high voltage power line maintenances, with the ability of making predictive forecast with the use of a fuzzy inference system in an online way, thus lowering the annual loss.

The paper shows the simpler lightning protection system’s weaknesses, the potential of some soft computing methods, and finally the designing levels of the whole system.

Finally the paper describes several opportunities for further development, with the purpose to improve the alarm punctuality and to reach as cost effective functioning as possible.


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