The importance and the application of the presentation technologies in a motivating business environment

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

It is essential for a company to keep the good workforce and this is only possible if the employee stays highly motivated during the years. Therefore, not only the large companies but the small ones as well have some kind of motivational program. These programs’ most significant elements are the sufficient communication and the feedback between the company and the employees. It is important to the company to see how the employee does his/her job and to the employee to get feedback about his/her work.

Today there are more and more IT systems which are meant to support these incentive schemes and designed to make the related processes more efficient and automated.

In this thesis I made a small system that implements a few basic workflows that are connected to motivation ensuring that the company can achieve the right communication and feedback mentioned above.

My implementation is built on Microsoft SharePoint platform, so before I started to work on my system, my job was to get to know SharePoint, both from the user’s and the developer’s perspective.

This thesis is the completion of my MSc studies. All along my work I used that engineering approach that I had acquired during my studies and the knowledge that I had learned over the past few years.


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