Comparison of Procurement and Settlement Rules of Primary Reserves

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Dr. Divényi Dániel Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In the electrical energy systems we always need primary reserves to keep in balance our systems. So every country has to posses electrical energy reserves, however the ENTSO-E - the organisation above the European transmission system operators – only specifies the rate of reserves, and doesn't regulate the procurement and settlement. Because of that, in Europe maybe there are different methods (for the procurements and settlements) from each other in the individual countries. My purpose will be these differences searching in the Austrian, Swiss, Danish and the Hungarian procedures, in my thesis.

My thesis can be divided more individual chapter. In the first part, I write generally about the European electrical energy systems and how to keep the balance in the systems. Followed by, the presentation in one example of the procurement and settlement rules of primary reserves in Hungary. In the third part, I show the methods of Austria, Switzerland and Denmark, I will compare in an example, the four techniques for the procurement and settlement for primary reserves. And finally, in the last chapter I make a suggestion for the future of the Hungarian prime reserves' procurements and settlements.


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