Design of Test Bench for Power Station Security Valves

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Dr. Kádár István
Department of Electric Power Engineering


In thermal power plants the energy supplier high-pressure medium (e.g. the water or the water steam which either transports heat or drives steam turbine) means continuous static and dynamic stress to its surrounding pipes, pressure sustaining reservoir, armatures; in other words, to the elements of different systems implementing mechanical engineering technology. In case of such breakdowns, when the pressure increases over the maximum permissible value in the water-circulating loop (e.g. the primer loop of the nuclear power station) the drastic but effective way of decreasing the mechanical stress is to let a certain amount of the water off through safety blowdown valves.

My thesis is about the electrical and control engineering design of a warm valve test bench which is appropriate for the type of the security blowdown valve, which is currently used in the primer loop in the Paks Nuclear Power Plant. The investor’s aim is that these valves could regularly be tested under laboratory conditions with this apparatus to be installed. As a result, these valves could be qualified on the basis of these process parameters measured and recorded steadily.

Firstly, I am going to describe the technologies that need electrical feeding and are to be controlled with programmable logic controller. Secondly, I summarize the investor’s and the future operator’s requirements. Thirdly, I examine the assignments of measuring and choosing the type of the apparatus; the power intake, the design of cabling, the evolving of cable routes; and I come into details about the aspects of the documentation needed for the realization. Finally, I share my experiences gained during the test run of the testing system and on the occasion of its first use.


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