Procedural plant modelling

OData support
Dr. Magdics Milán
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In todays interactive graphical applications it's a recurring task to visualize natural environments. These environments contain a large amount of plants of greatly varying types. In order to make this virtual environment as lifelike as possible, this great amount of varying types of plants must be modeled, which without the proper tools can put a lot of pressure on the artists. Therefore in practice we need modeling tools that are capable of creating a large amount of similar but still varying plants with little effort. Such a program would take away a great amount of work from the artists, and as a result their freed resources can be allocated to generate different type of content, resulting in more content from the same amount of resources, meaning better utilization.

The goal of this thesis is implementing a modeling software which is capable of generating various plant models based on given procedural descriptions called rules. For the sake of variety the rules describing plants may contain stochastic elements.


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