Procedural terrain generation

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Hideg Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The demand for video games is continuously growing. Making these games however is a getting more complicated due to the complexity of the games and the growing number of platforms. Game development frameworks, such as Unity make the development easier as they provide a game engine and development tools. These frameworks make the programmers job a lot easier, but the content generation is still a huge task.

With procedural terrain generation the map created by algorithms without any direct user input. In this process huge and unique maps can be made, while the development cost may reduce.

My goal is to implement procedural terrain generation in Unity, then create a prototype of a game to show it off. I created a treasure hunter game, where the map procedurally generated in runtime according to the position of the player.

I this thesis I introduce the Unity framework and describe the basics of the procedural terrain generation. Afterward I will show the implementation of the procedural terrain generation and the game that I made.


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