CPU Performance Counter Usage in Cloud Environment

OData support
Bozóki Szilárd
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Services provided by the cloud computing is already widespread. All the

opportunities needs to be quality, secure, reliable and fast for the consumer. They can be

strictly written by numbers in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). These rules need to

be kept in the periodical and peak load. So that the problem is to predict the peak. You

can divine it by statical methods or the another solution is to gather more information

from the CPU to make a forecast. You can read and analyze the processor performancecounters

with the usage of a software. That is the additional information, what we need

for the forecast. It is a very unusual usage of the CPU performance-counters especially in

cloud enviroment. So, it is new and exciting field to study and research.

The purpose of this paper investigates the usablity of the processor preformnacecounters

for load prediction. It examine that in cloud and native enviroment. Systems are

tested with a synthetic load generator so it can be easily repeatable.


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