Control of a profil-drill with Siemens PLC

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The purpose of my thesis is the control of a profile-driller’s driving with a programmable logical controller.

The first part of my work is the selection of the most suitable devices for the sucessfull execution, and to understand the working mechanism of them. Through this process the linear driving, the rotation unit and the drilling unit got key role. Besides learning the controlling of the pneumatic systems used for the holding downs and fastening, and the technique used for measuring the to be processed profiles length got special attention.

After setting of the controlling box, the electrical and pneumatical wiring of the moving units and the drilling unit, as well as the steps of the drilling process need to be defined. Here the critical positions regarding the actuation need to be mentioned, since in these cases the drilling unit may get stuck in the profile or the tool.

Making a flowchart helps programming the steps of the automatic mode. In the manual mode a schematic is needed to be done for the HMI, because in this way the drilling parameters can be easily modified. Obviously after measuring the profile length the forbidden areas are calculated and the drilling parameters can be changed depending on the calculated parameters.


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