Development of an educational coding game on the Java platform

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Somogyi Ferenc Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays life is unimaginable without the use of computers. Children grow up while technology surrounds them. The amount of content produced for children are rising, but the quality of these vary widely.

The analytic thinking we do while coding can be very useful for children even at a small age. They are very susceptible to the stimuli around them, so they could take in and use this knowledge much better than if they learn it years later. Therefore there are more and more programming courses for young people, and programming languages designed for kids are appearing as well.

The most important component in such courses is playfulness. If learning is handled as a game, children will have a more open attitude towards it and they will pick up more from it. Learning softwares, especially learning games can help the progression of children without them feeling overwhelmed.

In my thesis I introduce an educational programming game made by me. The game is a fat client software, and includes my own, simple programming language. The rules of the language correspond to real programming languages, but it is as simple as a teaching software needs to be. In this document I will present how the software came to life, what kind of components it consists of, and how my language is built.


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