Planning and building of programmable timer for physical experiments

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Dr. Kollár Ernő
Department of Electron Devices

In my essay I present the designing of a programmable timer based on a microcontroller, what can help to perform simple physical experiments. The purpose of this project is to help time measurement in kinematic and mechanical experiments, which are connected to teaching classical physics. These experiments are one of the main parts of teaching physics in high schools, but they also come across in basic science courses at a university.

The designed system aims to provide an easier way to carry out measurements for both teachers and students. This way they can focus on the nature of the experiment, instead of the technical difficulties.

Through four chosen experiments I show the importance of time measurement and the advantages of using a microcontroller. In a short discussion I also describe the physical theories connected to the experiments.

I give a brief overview about the applicable sensor types and principles of their operation. In a detailed description I present two of them with information about operation, circuit diagrams and implementation.

At the end of my essay I summarize test results collected with the use of the device, and I also show some possibilities for further improvements.


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