Planning and building of control unit of programmable power supply

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Dr. Kollár Ernő
Department of Electron Devices

In my thesis I present the design of a regulator, which has greater efficiency then linear power supplies have, while the static and dynamic parameters (stability, ripple) are commensurate with. The paper concluded that this requirement can not be met neither with linear, nor with switch-mode regulators.

At first, I get acquainted with the basic types of power supplies, the main characteristics of linear and switch mode power supplies, their typical design parameters, and limits.

Then, during the design process, I have selected two types of power supplies suitable for the task. The choosen solution was a combination of the two types, required to met the static and dynamic requierements. The design of the circuit was done in more parts. Operability of the circuit and desired performance was verified by simulation. As part of the design process, the printed circuit board was designed as well.

Finally, the completed circuit was assembled and then revived. Operating characteristics of the circuit were checked, and the efficiency was thoroughly checked at multiple operating points.


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