Development of a programmable overcurrent protection module for Logipix LPOE network switch

OData support
Moldován István
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays more and more devices using the Ethernet network for communications, in the security technology as well. Many tools exist, that require the power supply through Ethernet cable due the placement and location. This practical feature makes the devices independent for direct 230V power supply network, so that one cable less need on installation. This comfortable and cost-reduction mode increase the safety.

My thesis target is to implement a remote powering module, witch is capable to set the connected devices current limit.

I will review the standard PoE system and by the STP Ltd. used LPoE system. I will examine the capabilities and limitations of the actual module, and I will verify the operation in the simulator.

In the designing I will specifies the requirements, then on this based, I will select an suitable method of the current limit setting. I will support the choosed solution accuracy with calculations and simulation measurements.

I will check on the implemented device the correct operation, and finally I will summarize and appreciate the results, I will suggest further improvements.


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